Fashion Tips for The Budget Friendly Fashionista

Shopping on a budget is a way of life. Want to know how to grab some fab finds without breaking your bank? With this handy guide to fashion tips on a budget, you will be the fashion envy of all your friends. Dress in designer-style clothes, accessorize with things that sparkle and wear shoes that will turn heads using this crafty guide on how to grab fashion on a budget. Below are some excellent fashion tips to help you shape up your wardrobe, and have you grabbing someone's eye in no time.

Clearance Sales
You should definitely understand the distinction between a sale and clearance shopping if you are going for budget fashion. Clearance sales are your last chance to grab an item. So, if you see a dress you love that is seventy percent off, you might want to grab it. A sale is usually a mark down of thirty to fifty percent off. Items on sale, that aren’t worn in the season you are buying in, normally go on clearance within two weeks of the sale. If you see a great pea coat in the summer, or you aren’t too sure about the purchase, wait a few weeks and grab it for an even deeper discount. If you want clothes for less, you should check out the sales at Macy’s!


Seasonal Sales
The best way to grab ‘must have’ fashion on a budget is to find the seasonal sale. Sales happen all year around, but a lot of seasonal items are deeper discounted in the season they aren’t going to be worn in. For instance, you can grab trendy boots in the summer and a great swimsuit in the fall. Just because they might be last season’s fashion trend, doesn’t mean they actually go out of style; this is a really good way to buy (budget fashion).


Designer on the Down Low
If you want those graffiti or ripped up jeans that would normally cost you $200, don’t worry. You can make them yourself. Buy your favorite cut jean, at your favorite fashion boutique online store. Check out the discounted, sale or clearance section of even lower prices. For a ripped style use a cheese grater and rub it on the jean until you get the desired holes in various places, wash them to fray the holes and you’ve got ripped jeans. For graffiti grab a permanent pen and doodle away. If you’re not as artistic as one of your friends ask them to help you craft some sweet jeans.


Do the Math
You might be dying to have that new designer hand bag, or the trendy new pumps that just came out by the latest ‘hot off the runway’ designer, but you know it’s too expensive for your budget. That’s why you should shop stores like Macy’s. You won’t care about the “cost-per wear” is the purchase price of something divided by the amount of instances you believe you will wear it in a specified period of time. If you can justify wearing it more times than per-cost, grab it. If you think you will wear it once and throw it in the back of your closet, it’s not worth the buy.